Saturday, July 19, 2008

My tonsils didn't weigh 12 lbs., but I have lost weight

I'm on day 4 post-tonsillectomy. It's getting a little better, but I can't believe how much I'm sleeping. Like more than ususal. Like all day. I laid down at 4:00 today and Chuck woke me up at 8:00. It's now 8:49 and I can't wait to go back to bed.

Having your tonsils out is a great way to lose weight, if you can stand constant, burning pain, the inability to cough or clear your throat and swallow. I don't know how much I've lost, but since Tuesday I've eaten a little ramen soup, some tiny marshmallows, a little ice cream and a can of spaghetti o's. And lots of Lortab. Yummy. Can you believe I also have a bottle of Oxycontin? Isn't that the stuff that I could sell on a street corner? Sweet. I was wondering how we were going to finance our next vacation.

The kids picked out their new book bags for school. Carson got Kung Fu Panda, and Sarah got a Hannah Montana messenger bag. Carson has had the same Spiderman backpack since preschool, so I think he's due for a new one. Sarah goes through at least one a year. I don't understand this difference. My girl just destroys book bags.

I desperately need a hair cut. And a color.

I'm rambling. I blame the Lortab.

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