Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is my day

Feed kids
Feed dogs
Get kids dressed
Get me ready
Boy to school
Girl to orthodontist
Girl back to school
Me to 1st job
Me to 2nd job
Pick up kids
Let dogs out (such a production)
Find something to cook for dinner
Help with homework
Do dishes
Start dinner
Feed family
Try to squeeze in some fundraiser tallying
More fundraiser tallying

Somewhere in there will be hosing the kids down to stop their fighting, eating lunch, driving, phone calls, checking email, cleaning something, and my wonderful husband.

I'm going back to bed.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hey stranger, come here often?

Just reading over at Without Wax about what age kids should be allowed to call eachother. Tough call. You catch that pun? Chortle chortle.

Boy had a girl call him last school year REPEATEDLY. Thankfully, she always called when we weren't here. The few calls he does get now are from boys, and they talk about 3.4 seconds and laugh about 13 minutes.

Girl doesn't get calls, which I think is a little strange. When I was her age, I was calling my friends to chat & stuff. Several of her friends have cell phones, which is ridiculous. What does a 10 yo need a cell phone for? What Barbie emergency will they have that will require the use of a cell? Can you say over-indulged?

There's no school today, so we are home. Boy is being a beast. Him need nap. Must go clean, for that is my mission.