Thursday, September 25, 2008

The New Epileptic Barbie

I just saw a commercial for a new Bratz doll that you can make "dance". Or move thier head and upper body in this twitchy way. I swear it looks like they are having a seizure. I'm sure young girls will think this is so cool. Personally, I don't want my 9 yo shaking her goodies like that.

Girl loves her Barbies and Bratz, but only for the clothes and hair. She spends hours changing outfits and making new 'dos. They sometimes go shopping, or hang out in Barbie's townhouse. That Barbie has a groovy pad, you know.

Why are we asking our girls to grow up so fast? Why are we encouraging them to be tramps? My day will be made when Amish Barbie hits the shelves. Her accessories will be a basket of cookies, flat shoes, a box of thank you notes and a bra.

Dare to dream?

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