Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How great is this?

I love it. I grew up with an inconsiderate smoker, one who's idea of rolling down the car window so we could breath involved moving the glass about 1/8". If we tried to roll down our window, we were yelled at.

Working in a school, I smell the kids who come from smoking homes, and I cringe at the thought of how we smelled. The odor gets into everything - hair, backpacks, clothes. Given the lack of laundry-doing in my childhood home, I'm sure our aroma was a mix of dog, smoke, unwashed child and dirty laundry.

How is drawing smoke into your lungs appealing? I can only hope that these photos will deter people from picking up the habit.

I have a suggestion for another way to deter smoking - put the would-be smokers in the back seat of a 1964 Ford Fury station wagon (no seat belts, of course), pack them in four across the seat, and put a smoker at the wheel with his window rolled down .2386". See how much they like it, old style. Worked for me.

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