Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How much do lifeguards make?

We broke down and bought a pool. Just one of those above-ground jobs, but it's pretty big. About 2,000 gallons worth of big. I think it's 13' x 4'. Sheesh, that's a lot of drowning potential. We set it up Sunday and started filling it. The kids would have donated internal organs to get in that water, but us meanies said "No".

Yesterday, Monday, it rained all day. High was 70. You can imagine the water temp in the device of drowning. But the kids wouldn't give up. Chuck and I looked at eachother with a smirk, thinking "Yeah, they'll get in and the temp will automatically pop them out like a turkey thermometor." But in that water they stayed. And stayed. Carson made it about an hour, and Sarah a little longer. THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE IN MY LITTLE BRAIN.

How do kid's endure freezing temperatures? Does the fun factor outweigh the suffering?

The pool is full now, but we are expecting more rain today and the high is more of a low. Will this deter them? We shall see.

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